Friday, March 15, 2013

Cambridge Weight Plan Success Stories : Amy Everitt

Posted by Acheeq @ 11:39 AM

At 21 years old, I weighed 22 stone. I got to a point where I couldn’t openly enjoy food in front of other people and I’d pretend that I hadn’t noticed my weight gain. Over the years some people didn’t treat me with much respect and this really knocked my confidence. 
I was almost weighing my heaviest when I holidayed with a friend in Turkey. She introduced me to a local waiter called Cemel, whom she had known for some years. He was cute but I thought there was no way he’d fancy me at 17-and-a-half stone. I thought he was out of my league.
But that week he showed interest in me and we spent every available moment with each other. On my last night we walked along the beach hand in hand. He suggested we sit down so I gracefully perched on the edge of the lounger, only for it to flip up and hit my Cemel in the face. I was horrified but not even this humiliation could shock me into losing weight.
Over the next few years I ballooned to more than 19 stone, wore a dress size 24 and breaking garden chairs became a regular thing. Then at the start of 2009 I met my partner, Neville through a mutual friend. I was at my heaviest but he saw past this and we started dating.
Neville loved my curves but I didn’t feel sexy and I couldn’t enjoy being a young woman. So with support from Neville, my parents and family, I started the Sole Source Plan in July 2009 after contacting my local Consultant. I started the Sole Source Plan and in no time at all, I was well on my way to reaching a dress size I could be proud of – a happy size 12.



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